A Finished Project!

My daughter has a favorite bubble pattern from the host of old patterns when she was a child. I have now finished #3 for grand daughter Evelynn.

She had one from this pattern for her very first summer.

E in butterfly collage

It was a sweet little “fairy” fabric I was carrying in the shop that had butterflies on it. Smocked the butterflies from Gwen Milner plate that I had in my private collection.

Then last summer Betsy wanted a pink seersucker check bubble of the same pattern with light blue anchors. So I granted this “commissioned” request. Pastel pink/white seersucker with a #800 blue smocked anchors that were found in an old issue of Australian Smocking & Embroidery. (Gosh I miss that magazine!) These cousins are pretty cute, if I don’t say so myself!

E & J with anchors.

Now summer 2015 and probably the last opportunity stitch up a bubble style for her. Enjoying sewing on the Monaluna Organic Cottons, I wanted to incorporate a couple of coordinating fabrics. So that’s what I did with this project.

Monulan Cotton Bubble Collage

Simple geometric smocking plate using the orange, hot pink and turquoise colors. I used the accent fabric for the ruffle collar, angel sleeve and then put it as the bias casing for the elastic. You can see a “hint” of turquoise as the yoke piping. I used only the turquoise “design line” of the fabric. Because it was a straight edge to pipe, I didn’t have to use true bias. Here is what the fabric looks like:

Contrast Fabric

So you can see that there is a large enough “piping line” to cut to use in this manner. I thought it would look better than using a solid turquoise fabric. It made a nice effect.

So what is this so loved pattern?????


Always good to review “the stash” every once in awhile.

Happy Stitching!