Easter Dress Completed

Was such fun finishing up Evelynn’s 2015 Easter Dress. Her mom really likes bishop style dresses with “angel sleeves” right now. As I mentioned in the previous post, I used “Skinny Dip Pique” from Spechler-Vogel for the dress. The smocking design of Crosseyed Cricket “Bishop for All Seasons”. I chose the summer design, but used more pastel colors so that it was springy and would carry into the summer months. (Our Easter morning is going to be chilly this year!)

Easter Dress-full shot

The smocking has alternated colors of purple and pink butterflies with the yellow sunflower style flowers. So there is a lot of subtle color on the soft mint green dress. The back ground geometric smocking is all #800 blue. All the smocking is stitched in cotton Floche’ thread.

Easter Dress smocking close up

One thing I like to do in finishing the back of my bishop dresses is to button the dress down the back. I have never liked the folded over placket that most bishop patterns have you do. So I add about 1.5 ” on each center back and fold over twice for the “placket”. The other thing I do when spacing the buttons is to put 2 buttons within the smocking area. That way the smocking doesn’t pull and you have a nice smooth look. On this dress because the smocking was “one flower, one butterfly” I used a combination of flower and butterfly buttons down the back. See below the upper part of the buttoned back area of the dress.

Back Buttons of Easter Dress

The dress is at Evelynn’s house now. So hopefully I can have a short post with her in her special dress. Remember I stitched her a purse too, so she has lots of “Easter Finery” this year. Hope your Easter weekend is one filled with family, fun and remembering the finished work on the Cross by our Lord Jesus.

Happy Easter!