Summer into Fall Stitching Thoughts

Starting to work on some summer stitching ideas that will carry into Fall. Now that we have reached the halfway mark of the summer, it’s time to transition into Back to School! Where does the time go????? We all ask that question, don’t we?

Though I LOVE the smocking, I know it is not practical for all the projects to be smocked. I would never get all of them finished before they outgrew them!! So some non-smocked patterns that will transition from the hot weather to the start of cool is where my thoughts are.

Bonnie Blue Designs is a great place to look for some ideas. Her pattern fronts with the darling “print” drawings give the stitcher an easy time of visualizing how the garment might look in a solid or a print fabric.

Here are some combinations I’m thinking about. Don’t forget adding fun trims with piping, spaghetti bias, pleated trim, just to name a few. Contract fabric ruffles and bands are also a great way to have a custom look. With embroidered initials all the rage, add a contract color in the thread choice for that garment. (I’m going to have to ask my friend Belinda to help me with that one!)


Project #1–Using Bonnie Blue “Lainey”. I have always loved this animal print fabric. Has an owl, monkey, turtle, elephant, lion and more on it. Bright and cheery fabric. It looks fun with this multi-bright dot and use the black spaghetti bias on the separation of the band and around the yoke. Doing a stacked button would be cute, too.


Project #2–Using “Kimberly” by Bonnie Blue Designs. I love the new Monaluna Organic Cottons that have come in for the end of summer stitching. On the pattern front, I like the far right dress/jumper on the second row. I’m thinking the dress out of the blue print and the ruffle out of the green with gold. Add an ecru turtleneck or blouse when the weather cools off or just an ecru or deep peach cardigan.


Project #3–”Cassie”, again by Bonnie Blue Designs. I am thinking the long pant version out of the wonderful new denim. Have the Riley Blake prints for the ruffles and straps. Again very doable for adding a shirt for cooler weather come Fall.

What’s your inspiration for new projects??? All patterns and fabrics can be found at

Happy Stitching, Sylvia